Shan Zha

Shan Zha, MD PhD

Associate Professor of Pediatrics, Pathology & Cell Biology, Immunology & Microbiology

The Zha lab investigates how defects in DNA repair and DNA damage responses impact normal immune system development, lymphomagenesis, and treatment responses. The lab has developed cutting-edge technologies, including high-throughput translocation sequencing, sing cell-seq, multi-color flow-cytometry, CRISPR-based depletion and activation screens, high-content live-cell imaging, and a collection of over sixty-five unique mouse models, including the serial of mouse models expressing catalytically inactive ATM, ATR, DNA-PKcs, and now PARP1 and PARP2, which revealed unexpected structural function of DNA damage response factors. More details can be found at We invite committed young scientists to join us in the adventures.

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