Anna Lasorella

Anna Lasorella, MD

Professor of Pediatrics, Pathology & Cell Biology

Programs in Anna Lasorella’s lab combine the use of protein biochemistry, mouse models, and integrative systems biology to pursuit normal and pathological cellular functions of glioma-related genes. The common thread running through her research activities is her interest in identifying and characterizing drivers of malignancy in the brain that are linked to developmental processes and can inspire novel therapeutic strategies for malignant glioma. Her work generated transformative knowledge on the role of cell fate determination factors, such as ID proteins, in brain tumor development and maintenance and characterized, using molecular definition, the normal and oncogenic functions of these factors. Furthermore, she successfully pioneered the use of high throughput genomic technologies in the search for actionable lesions in glioblastoma. More recent research interest focuses on trans-disciplinary approaches combining data science and computational pharmacology to develop experimentally validated pipelines for personalized cancer therapeutics.

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