Adolfo Ferrando

Adolfo Ferrando, MD PhD

Professor of Pediatrics, Pathology & Cell Biology

The research program in the Ferrando lab combines genomics, biochemical, genetic and experimental therapeutics approaches towards the identification of novel therapies for the treatment of high-risk leukemias and lymphomas. His laboratory has played major roles in the functional analysis of oncogenic NOTCH1 and the TLX1 and TLX3 oncogenes in the pathogenesis of T-ALL. In addition, he has identified and functionally characterized numerous genes somatically mutated in this disease including PTEN, WT1, PHF6, BCL11B, ETV6, EZH2 and NT5C2 as well as in peripheral T-cell lymphomas. Identifying and targeting major leukemia driver oncogenes by leveraging mouse models and forward genomics and deciphering the basic mechanisms underlying leukemic transformation and drug resistance are major areas of active research in the Ferrando lab.

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